Goodmans World of Inspirations

Project Description

Goodmans World of Inspirations requested for a standard, state of the art website to meet their various pressing national and international ministry demands, and MillionValues Concepts went to work to give them something suitable to their dreams.

About Goodmans World of Inspirations

Goodmans World of Inspirations (GWI) is a multi-deimensional gospel ministry saddled with the mandate to take the gospel around the world through diversified classes of creative inspirations, mainly to raise highly responsible people, powered by God’s grace. Headquatered in Lagos, Nigeria, GWI reached the world with the godpel through their websites, magazines, books, audio and video messages.

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What We Did:
  • Attractive & Modern Website Design
  • Responsive Website On All Devices
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Campaign
  • Functional Online Store
  • Contemporary Graphic Design
  • Google Analytics
  • Websign Development
  • Branding


Goodmans World of Inspirations 2